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Fire Stopping Systems

Firebreak 22 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant

A fire resistant water based acoustic acrylic sealant designed for use in internal applications where a low movement fire resistant and/or acoustic joint is required. More »

Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant

A one part, fire resistant, neutral curing, silicone sealant to be used in situations where a flexible fire resistant joint is required. More »

Firebreak 44 Fire Resistant Expanding PU Foam

A single pack, fire rated polyurethane foam providing up to 4 hours' resistance when applied to seal gaps in fire rated walls and floors. More »

Firebreak 55 Putty

A one part, non-setting fire resistant intumescent compound designed for sealing gaps around services penetrating fire resistant construction, thereby maintaining the fire integrity and insulation performance of the floor or wall. More »

Firebreak 66 Intumescent Pressure Sealant

Firebreak 66 is a flexible intumescent sealant especially formulated to provide excellent fire resistance and high levels of expansion and pressure, especially when used to seal around and close down small combustible plastic pipes in fire situations. More »

Firebreak Compound

A single pack material that, when mixed with water, provides a fire resistant smoke stop seal able to reinstate fire resistance of separating walls and floors when penetrated by building services. More »

Firebreak Batts

Firebreak Batts are mineral wool boards coated on both faces with a flexible waterborne fire resistant ablative coating. More »

Firebreak FX Series Collars

A range of galvanised or stainless or powder coated steel devices designed to be fitted around plastic pipes, insulated metal pipes and electric cable bundles where they penetrate fire separating constructions. More »

Firebreak FX200 Pipe Wraps & Sealstrip

A range of flexible devices and linear strip (10m or 25m or 50m in length) designed to be fitted around plastic pipes, insulated metal pipes and electric cable bundles within the depth of the fire separating wall or floor construction. More »

Firebreak Service Transits

A range of devices retrofittable around installed cables and other services in flexible and masonry/concrete walls and concrete floors. More »

Firebreak Bags

A range of durable and reusable glass cloth bags, available in three sizes, containing blended inert inorganic and heat expandable fillers. More »

Firebreak Flexi-Seal Coating

Firebreak Flexi-Seal Coating is a water-based and elastomeric coating which when applied to the surface of compressed mineral wool provides a fire and smoke resistant seal between construction joints. More »

Firebreak Electrical Box Protectors

Provide fire protection for electrical boxes and switches recessed in drywall and similar constructions. More »

Firebreak Linear Gap Seals

A range of preformed fire resistant seals comprising of fire retardant foam sandwiched with layers of water resistant intumescent material. More »
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