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Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars

Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance of floor and walls when penetrated by plastic pipes and metal and plastic pipes with continuous combustible insulation. Under fire conditions the intumescent filler expands to many times its original thickness exerting pressure on the softening pipe and/or insulation closing the opening with a dense block of fire resistant char.


The collars are manufactured using durable stainless steel in a simple to use, one-piece wraparound design with a slid through/fold back tab fixing.

The height of the collars is just 30mm or 45mm for larger pipes enabling the collars to be used where space is tight and access difficult.

Data Sheets

Download Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars Product Data Sheet

Download Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars Technical Data Sheet

Download Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars Safety Data Sheet

Firebreak FX300 Pipe CollarsFirebreak FX300 Pipe Collars