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Firebreak - Fire Safety by Design

Firebreak 66 Intumescent Pressure Sealant

Firebreak 66 is a flexible intumescent sealant especially formulated to provide excellent fire resistance and high levels of expansion and pressure, especially when used to seal around and close down small combustible plastic pipes in fire situations.


Firebreak 66 is a one part, water-based high pressure intumescent sealant which in fire conditions expands to seal openings in fire compartment walls and floors where these are penetrated by plastic pipes, metal pipes with combustible insulation and electric cables.

Characteristics and features

  • Independently fire tested and assessed to the requirements of EN13501-2, EN1366-3
  • ETA Certified and CE-marked
  • UL EU 00704
  • Fire tested with various types of plastic pipes including PVCU (up to 160mm diameter), HDPE, Multi-Layer Composite Pipe, etc., around metal pipes with combustible lagging and electric cables
  • Non-toxic, water-based and easy to clean application tools after use
  • Acoustic performance determined by testing to EN 10140-2
  • VOC Compliant to M1 Regulation (Eurofins), EMCODE EC1 Plus and Compliant to BREEAM International

Firebreak 66 Intumescent Pressure Sealant Data sheets

>Firebreak 66 Intumescent Pressure Sealant