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Firebreak - Fire Safety by Design

Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant

A one part, fire resistant, neutral curing, silicone sealant to be used in situations where a flexible fire resistant joint is required.


  • Construction joints in fire separating wall and floors
  • Glazing applications including curtain walls
  • Around metallic pipes and other small service penetrations
  • Seating for fire resistant grills; intumescent pipe closers; etc.

Characteristics and features

  • Independently fire tested and assessed to the requirements of EN13501-2, EN1366-3 and EN1366-4
  • ETA Certified and CE-marked
  • UL EU 00708
  • Acoustic performance determined by testing to EN 10140-2

Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant Data sheets

>Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant>Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant