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Firebreak - Fire Safety by Design

Firebreak Batts

Firebreak Batts are mineral wool boards coated on both faces with a flexible waterborne fire resistant ablative coating. The Batts are designed for use in both internal and external applications to reinstate the fire resistance and smoke tightness of openings in fire resistant walls and floors wherever building services are required to penetrate.


  • Up to 4 hours' fire resistance and no need to coat back penetrating services.
  • Fire resistant seals for larger openings in fire walls and floors.
  • Easy to use and safe - good adhesion to common building materials, e.g. brick, concrete, plaster, steel, etc.
  • Sealing of service openings above fire doors.
  • Fire resistant seals to low movement linear gaps in conjunction with mechanical fixings.

Firebreak Batts Data sheets

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