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Firebreak by Neutron Fire Technologies

Fire Safety is a critical element of modern building design.  As such it demands robust solutions that ensure that in the event of fire the structure remains stable and the fire is contained to allow safe evacuation of the building occupants. Such products or systems need to be economical, versatile, easy to install and above all reliable.

Neutron Fire Technologies Ltd offer a specialist range of intumescent coatings systems and fire and smoke penetration seals under the Firebreak label. All are designed to meet the exacting needs of building specifiers and carry appropriate fire test certification.

We are constantly developing new products and solutions to complex fire protection needs.

Recent projects

The Phoenix Building, Swindon College, Swindon, UK

The Phoenix Building, Swindon College, Swindon, UK

Swindon is situated alongside the M4 corridor, often described as the UK's 'silicone valley'. Hence, it is perhaps not surprising... Read more »

Ideapark Commercial City, Lempaala, Finland

Ideapark Commercial City, Lempaala, Finland

Ideapark is Finland's first 'commercial city' with over 170 shopping outlets and 1.2km of covered shopping streets. Firebreak... Read more »

Torvgargen Commercial Development, Asker, Norway

Torvgargen Commercial Development, Asker, Norway

The steeply sloping site presented an interesting challenge to the designers of the Torvgarden Commercial Development which cleverly... Read more »

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What our customers say:

"...we are using Firebreak Compound because it enables us to achieve a superior surface finish on the seals..."

"...our operatives like using your Firebreak Collars; the simple 'click together' fixing makes them very simple to install..."

"...what a good idea to have a peel off label on the Firebreak Pipe Wraps to stick on the pipe in order to identify that a pipe wrap has been installed..."