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Firebreak - Fire Safety by Design

Firebreak Compound

A single pack material that, when mixed with water, provides a fire resistant smoke stop seal able to reinstate fire resistance of separating walls and floors when penetrated by building services.


  • Safe: free of fibres, silica and halogens.  Available in 10Kg and 20Kg sacks
  • Up to 4 hours' fire resistance (integrity and insulation). Can be used in wall and floor penetrations to accommodate a variety of penetrating services.
  • Easy to use: can be applied by trowel or poured into position.
  • Does not require specialist equipment. Simple mixing and application tools can be used and cleaned with water.
  • Does not shrink on setting and provides a rigid, gas-tight barrier to smoke, combustion gasses and halon gas

Characteristics and features

  • Independently fire tested and assessed to the requirements of EN13501-2, EN1366-3 and EN1366-4
  • ETA Certified and CE-marked
  • UL EU 00643-A1-M11
  • Acoustic performance determined by testing to EN 10140-2
  • VOC Compliant to M1 Regulation (Eurofins), EMCODE EC1 Plus and Compliant to BREEAM International
  • Non-combustible

Firebreak Compound Data sheets

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