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For more information on what our products can be used for please look at some of our projects

Number 12 Princess Dock, Liverpool, UK

A Firebreak product was used for 20,000m2 of structural fire protection required in the regeneration of the docklands area.

Esport Arena, Helsinki, Finland

A range of Firebreak products were used to protect the steel structure and seals which remained on view in this unusual building.

Torvgargen Commercial Development, Asker, Norway

The office accommodation and retail space of this attractive free-flowing glass-encased structure were protected with Firebreak intumescent coatings.

West One, Sheffield, UK

A Firebreak product was selected to provide the required fire protection to more than 40,000m2 of structural steelwork in this city centre development.

The Phoenix Building, Swindon College, Swindon, UK

The new administrative building of Swindon College used a Firebreak product to provide the specified structural fire resistance requirements.

National Opera House, Oslo, Norway

Firebreak intumescent coatings were used for structural fire protection in this complex building of more than 1,000 rooms, including a café, bars and a restaurant.

'Making It' Discovery Centre, Mansfield, UK

A Firebreak product allowed the sharp angled detail of the column heads and riveted beams to be expressed in this redevelopment of a Victorian iron framed building.

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, UK

A Firebreak product provided the necessary structural fire protection to the new Pre-operative Assessment Centre in The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

Ideapark Commercial City, Lempaala, Finland

Several Firebreak products were selected to ensure appropriate fire compartmentation in Finland's first 'commercial city'.