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For more information on what our products can be used for please look at some of our projects

Number 12 Princess Dock, Liverpool, UK

The regeneration of the docklands area has been central to the thinking of those concerned with the revitalisation of the northern coastal city of Liverpool, once the centre of European trade with the Americas. More »

Esport Arena, Helsinki, Finland

This unusual building incorporates a large dome-roofed multi-sports playing area that is supported by differential air pressure alone. Beneath this is a further indoor arena surrounded by a two storey indoor running track allowing users to jog and train during the long winter days of deep snow and ice. More »

Torvgargen Commercial Development, Asker, Norway

The steeply sloping site presented an interesting challenge to the designers of the Torvgarden Commercial Development which cleverly addressed the problem by way of an attractive free flowing glass encased structure securely anchored to the hillside. More »

West One, Sheffield, UK

The superb application properties and low thickness requirements of Firebreak 303 were key in its selection to provide the required fire protection to more than 40,000m2 of structural steelwork in this city centre development. More »

The Phoenix Building, Swindon College, Swindon, UK

Swindon is situated alongside the M4 corridor, often described as the UK's 'silicone valley'. Hence, it is perhaps not surprising that such a place sees great merit in expanding local educational facilities to meet the growing need for trained technicians. More »

National Opera House, Oslo, Norway

This iconic new building situated on the Oslo waterfront was completed in 2008 and provides a new home for the Norwegian National Opera and National Ballet. More »

'Making It' Discovery Centre, Mansfield, UK

Finding new uses for Victorian iron framed buildings often requires imagination and in the case of the old Mansfield Brewery a solution was found in the form of an interactive 'discovery centre' where younger children can learn how the things around them in everyday use are made. More »

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham, UK

Situated at the heart of England, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the largest and busiest orthopaedic centres in Europe, and has been at the forefront of the development of the orthopaedic specialty for over 100 years. More »

Ideapark Commercial City, Lempaala, Finland

Ideapark is Finland's first 'commercial city' with over 170 shopping outlets and 1.2km of covered shopping streets. Firebreak 303 and Firebreak 305 intumescent coatings were chosen to provide cost effective fire protection to the extensive steel structure. More »
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