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Firebreak Bags

Firebreak Bags comprise a range of different sized coated glass cloth bags filled with a blend of durable intumescent and inert fillers. They are designed to be installed around services in penetrating fire resistant walls to provide either a temporary or permanent fire seal of up to 120 minutes.


Firebreak Bags are fire penetration seals appearing like cushions which are compressible and friction fitted around complex penetrations in fire resisting flexible and masonry walls at least 100mm thick.

They are used as permanent or temporary fire protection in openings up to 600mm x 600mm and around penetrations such as cable trays and electric cables. Firebreak Bags are especially useful where frequent re-routing or retro-fitting of services is expected.

Firebreak Bags are made of a stitched, treated glass cloth containing a mixture of inert inorganic material and intumescent composite. These highly durable products are installed by compressing and stacking into openings up to 600mm x 600mm and do not require the use of 'wet' products such as coatings, sealants or putties. No additional support is required.

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Firebreak BagsFirebreak Bags