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Neutron Fire Technologies Ltd has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and testing of passive fire protection systems. Our Firebreak products have been used worldwide to provide fire protection by the sealing of linear gaps, service penetrations; movement joints and other necessary openings in fire separating wall and floors. Firebreak products have been independently tested to the requirements of various national and international fire test standards and they carry third party certification ensuring consistent quality in manufacture and defining scope of application.

Our main product line satisfies customer’s needs with confidence: a comprehensive range of fire and smoke seals that meet the complex requirements of smoke and fire containment of building elements in both new-build design and renovation.

Each product within Neutron Fire Technologies range is independently tested and assessed in accordance with the procedures of the appropriate fire test standard, full details of which are available from Neutron Fire Technologies Ltd.

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Firebreak 22 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant

A halogen-free, polymer emulsion based sealant that swells when subjected to temperatures in excess of 125°C to form a durable char.

Firebreak 33 Fire Resistant & Acoustic Sealant

A one part fire resistant neutral curing silicone sealant with excellent flexibility and acoustic performance.

Firebreak 44 Fire Resistant Expanding PU Foam

A one-component fire resistant expanding adhesive foam designed for internal use where fire resistant and/or acoustic joints are required.

Firebreak 55 Putty

A silicone based ablative polymer with additional fire resistant additives.

Firebreak 66 Intumescent Pressure Sealant

A halogen-free, polymer emulsion-based sealant to maintain the fire resistance of floor and walls when penetrated by plastic pipes and metal pipes.

Firebreak Flexi-Seal Coating

A specially formulated highly flexible fire-resistant coating designed for use in conjunction with stone mineral wool.

Firebreak Compound

A specially formulated single pack material that is mixed with water to provide a strong and robust fire resistant smoke stop seal.

Firebreak Batts

Stone mineral wool boards coated on both faces with a flexible fire resistant ablative coating.

Firebreak FX300 Pipe Collars

Durable stainless steel collars with an intumescent filler in a simple to use, one-piece wraparound design.

Firebreak FX400 Pipe Collars

Collars with an intumescent filler, two different fixing mechanisms and in three metal finishes.

Firebreak FX500 Pipe Collars

Collars with an intumescent filler and a durable stainless steel outer casing with hinge and toggle latch fixings.

Firebreak FX200 Pipe Wraps

A range of durable intumescent strip material pre-cut to suit a wide range of different pipe sizes.

Firebreak FX200 Sealstrip

Intumescent strip material on a continuous roll.

Firebreak Service Transits

A range of circular and rectangular devices for use in fire resistant walls and floors where cables and other services are required to penetrate.

Firebreak Bags

Different sized coated glass cloth bags filled with a blend of durable intumescent and inert fillers.

Firebreak Electrical Box Protectors

A silicone based intumescent polymer to reinstate the fire resistance of partition walls fitted with electrical socket and switch boxes.

Firebreak C100 Cable Coating

A durable fire resistant water-borne coating designed for application to conventional cable installations.